COBRA Technology and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

By Aaron Marks, Senior Principal, Dynamis, Inc. 

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) present an immeasurable opportunity for public safety and emergency management providers. These aircraft provide real-time data to help law enforcement, fire departments, and other first responders save lives and protect property. They allow Search and Rescue teams to locate missing people. They enhance the ability of the Coast Guard and the Border Patrol to keep our nation secure. UAS (or drones) can carry out this work in hazardous conditions, extreme heat or cold, and a host of other environments that may pose a significant risk to manned systems. Despite this almost limitless potential to support public safety and emergency management, organizations are struggling to develop and implement programs to take advantage of it, especially if they do not understand the regulations which are being put in place by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to manage these emerging technologies. So what exactly is Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and how can it enable your organization?

Dynamis Inc. (Dynamis) has supported the homeland security and emergency management community for nine years. We now have an exciting opportunity to work with our partners at Evans Incorporated to examine the potential impact of UAS regulations on their utilization to support public safety and emergency management providers. With the combination of Evans’ particular expertise supporting FAA integration of UAS into its Air Traffic operations and Dynamis’ experience supporting domestic and international first responders and emergency managers, we have begun reaching out to organizations across Virginia regarding their development and implementation of drone programs.

Fairfax-based Dynamis, Inc., with more than 120 years of collective experience in emergency response and disaster management, brings a “boots on the ground” approach to addressing programmatic and operational challenges associated with integrating UAS into the public safety and emergency management communities.

We are successful in this market because our staff not only understand the unmanned aircraft systems technologies but how they can be successfully applied in an operational setting while navigating the complexities of the evolving regulatory environment. We have assembled a highly talented team who are skilled in aviation, incident and consequence management, and program design and development. These are experienced emergency managers and first responders across the continuum of law enforcement, fire suppression, search and rescue, emergency medicine and public health. Our expertise is tempered by our partnership with Evans, bringing an unmatched understanding of the aviation sector, including Air Traffic Controllers, Flight Service Specialists, and academic authorities on unmanned systems as well as unmanned systems pilots.

If you are a commercial or public sector manager or executive focused on the use of UAS and their potential but unsure of where to start, then look no further! Join our partners (Evans and Noblis) and us for our upcoming UAS Panel event, Propelling Business and Government to New Heights – Institutionalizing the Full Potential of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) on Thursday, May 25th from 07:30 am – 10:00 am EDT, at the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce (NOVA Chamber).

We are discussing Unmanned Aircraft Systems with several municipalities and public safety organizations and are eager to share what we have learned. We are also working with commercial and public safety organizations and first responders to develop and evaluate UAS business cases. No matter what kind of organization you are, we are ready to help you navigate the existing and emerging regulatory environment and get your program up and running. We expect this to be the next technological shift in public safety, first response, and emergency management on a global scale. Through our operational experience and UAS expertise, we bring recognized value to an evolving marketplace.

Over its nine-year history, Dynamis has established a reputation for providing high value, low-risk solutions for our customers. Our products and services are designed to support our client’s missions, addressing challenges relating to continuity and resilience, program management, and the application and integration of enabling technologies. If you wish to find out more about the application of Unmanned Aircraft Systems technology, information and observations for UAS businesses and programs, and evolving trends in the UAS market over the next 12-18 months in industry and regulations, then join us on May 25th by registering here.