Emergency and Incident Management

Understanding the Risks

COBRA’s Incident management system deals with complex, dynamic environments where lives, property, and the environment may be at risk. And therefore it requires the ability to collect, process, and use large amounts of information in as close to real time as possible. That is why COBRA software is used by organizations around the world for daily management, for special events and during disasters.

workers looking at an incident management system

A Distributed Collaboration Environment

COBRA provides a distributed collaboration environment including resource tracking, activity logs, chat rooms, interactive maps, and multiple other tools and resources that can be shared by users at the local, regional, and headquarters level. In addition, the solution is designed for use in the field through mobile devices as well as in office settings such as an emergency operations center.

Person using COBRA's incident management system.

Post and Share Information

COBRA provides emergency managers, safety and security teams, and support staff the capability to post and share information about an incident and the associated impacts to the facility, critical infrastructure, and the surrounding environment. This incident management system supports response, and recovery operations by capturing real-time information on the situation and facilitates seamless information sharing with the appropriate authorities on current activities and the anticipated actions needed to effectively manage a situation.

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