Knowledge Management

Learning from Experience

Corporate and cultural knowledge of previous crises is key to successful response and recovery. COBRA has an extensive number of tools that help organizations build on that corporate knowledge. Using the many Knowledge Management tools in COBRA, organizations are able to effectively manage everyday events or black swan events.

Reference Library

COBRA’s Reference Library features include:

  • The ability to upload pictures, blueprints, videos, documents, and other files to a shared location inside COBRA

  • Access to a central document library managed by the Organization Admin

  • Ability to load response plans, checklists, fire response and disaster response plans, blueprints, facility information and any other mission critical document, photo, video or audio files for easy access in the system



The COBRA Attachments tool allows users to add images, video, documents, and other supporting file types to an incident.

  • Bulk upload of files allows for easier addition to an incident

  • Bulk export of files to zip folders allows for easy offline archival

  • GPS integration on mobile devices places attachments on the map instantly

Job Aids

COBRA comes with a number of tools that help planners and incident commanders track the forms they submit for ICS, NIMS, and SOP checklists.

Using the Forms Tool, planners can use prebuilt ICS forms or develop forms and include them for use. Using the built-in spreadsheet tool, users can create SOP checklists for use during a crisis allowing for rapid checklist completion.


Reporting and Archiving

COBRA retains all recorded data until Administrators both archive and permanently delete the data from the system, allowing owners the ability to comply with corporate or regulatory records retention policies.

COBRA data is available for download in CSV, Excel, or PDF formats and includes individual tools or all data in an incident. In addition, data can be downloaded out of the system to support other reporting tools directly through XML using the COBRA API.  All mapping data is available as KML files for sharing with other GIS based systems and all image files including TIFF and PNG are available for download from the Attachments tool.

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