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Safety, Security, and Resilience

Safety, security, and resilience require a systematic and integrated approach to counter threats that pose the greatest risk. COBRA can perform these solution sets for businesses, institutions, and organizations: Emergency and Incident Management, Event Management and Monitoring, Security Management, Exercise Planning and Support

COBRA acts as a hub for centralizing information flow throughout the lifecycle of planning, protection, mitigation, response and recovery. Driven by internationally-recognized incident management best practices and live sensor data, COBRA provides a unified platform for real-time collaboration, information sharing, decision support, and documentation.  COBRA creates the ability for organizations to make timely, accurate decisions. To learn more about these solutions sets, contact us today!

Emergency and Incident Management

COBRA software is used by organizations around the world for daily management, for special events and during disasters.

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Security Management

The COBRA system is ready to use, web-based and mobile-enabled. COBRA provides multiple tools and applications to support all aspects of safety, security, and emergency management.

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Exercise Planning and Support

COBRA technology can provide your organization with the right tools to plan, conduct, and evaluate exercises to enhance readiness.

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