Exercise Planning and Support

Customizable Tools

COBRA technology can provide your organization with the right tools to plan, conduct, and evaluate exercises to enhance readiness. Organizations have successfully used the COBRA technology to support all varieties of exercises, from Table Top Exercises (TTX) to Full Scale Exercises (FSE). COBRA can provide custom exercise management tools to assist planners, monitors, and evaluators throughout the full exercise lifecycle. Our tailored, full scale exercises and simulations mimic real world scenarios and case studies, serving as hands-on training and program validation for responders and decision makers.


Scalable & Custom

Utilizing our COBRA set of scalable tools, Dynamis’ custom systems improve the planning, development, execution, and evaluation of both table top and full scale exercises simulations by providing increased collaboration, communication, and coordination among all participants.

All our systems are built to client specifications allowing a high degree of customization to fit each client’s unique exercise needs. Our training and exercise offerings are consistent with internationally recognized standards and best practices.

COBRA’s custom exercise tools include:
  • Data Collector Logs
  • Exercise Plan and CONOPS Sharing
  • Master Scenario Event List (MSEL) Management
  • Custom Exercise Maps
  • Exercise Threat Tools
  • Real-time Chat for Exercise Sim Cell
  • Explosives, Chemical, and Radiological Modeling
  • Field Reporting and Image Capture
  • Real-time Integrated Exercise Timeline Reports
  • Web, Mobile, and Laptop Application Access


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