COBRA is the Answer

COBRA’s technology makes responding to today’s disaster’s easy and efficient.

Our solution leverages 20 years of experience helping first responders SEE, UNDERSTAND, and ACT on information by providing effective communication, coordination, and collaboration tools (C3). Using the different tools in our C3 suite allows you the ability to focus on what is important – saving lives, property, and community.

Communication, Coordination, & Collaboration

Our 20 years of experience has helped first responders and organizations SEE, UNDERSTAND, and ACT first by providing effective communication, coordination, and collaboration tools.

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Decision Support

We have several tools that build a Common Operating Picture, allowing decision makers & first responders the ability to SEE, UNDERSTAND, & ACT.


Common Operating Picture with Maps

With COBRA Mapping, you no longer need to worry about finding the right GIS technology to add the right information.


System Interoperability and Scalability

COBRA is designed to support day to day activities, special event monitoring, security operations and anything from a small to large emergencies.

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Knowledge Management

COBRA has an extensive number of tools that help organizations build on that corporate knowledge.

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Custom Application Development

Our expert development team has the knowledge and experience to work with your team to build custom solutions to fit your needs

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Your community and your organization depend on you. Let’s get it right, together.

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