Decision Support / Common Operating Picture

Real Time Display of Information

COBRA has several tools that build a Common Operating Picture, allowing decision makers and first responders the ability to SEE, UNDERSTAND, and ACT on information coming in from a chaotic incident. The real time display of data in the map, dashboard, and other status tools allows for rapid dissemination of information, quick understanding of the situation as it unfolds, and the ability to make appropriate decisions.

The COBRA map tool allows users to view information in real-time in a visual display. Annotations, such as populations in a building, building damages, severe weather, weather alerts, designated areas of activity, personnel status, and the location of resources are displayed in an easy to understand mapping format. All users in the COBRA system have the ability to see information as it is added and can make changes to that information as needed.

Easy to Read Threat Data

COBRA brings in different static and live weather, KML, and social media data points into a map overlay allowing the display of threats close to facilities of concern. Using the COBRA Concentric Circle tool, security staff can set defined zones around a facility to know and understand any risk from an external threat.

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COBRA Dashboards are the incident manager’s standard “go-to” tool for easy access to operational data and for situational awareness. COBRA’s customizable dashboards allow users to organize information to support rapid awareness, understanding, and decision making.The COBRA Dashboard provides a display of as few or as many tools that the user needs to view in order to perform their job. Information is displayed in large, medium or small views, is updated in real time, and provides users visual indicators when new information is added. 

  • Dashboards are unlimited
  • Dashboards are customizable for each position
  • Dashboards allow for information summaries from each tool
  • Dashboards allow users to enter and edit information without opening new windowsconstantly be aware

Constant Awareness

A number of other COBRA tools including individual position logs, the shared significant events log, chat rooms, the request management tool, and alert notifications provide users the ability to constantly be aware of the situation as it unfolds and share that information with others as needed, providing everyone in the incident a Common Operating Picture and the correct information needed to make effective decisions.

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Position Logs

COBRA position logs are digital logbooks that provide the ability to post information about the actions taken during an incident and share that information with others via the shared position log.

  • COBRA position logs allow for rapid information capture
  • Logs are geolocated so users can see where information is posted in a map
  • Log data can be posted to other tools for easier information sharing

Command Boards

COBRA Command Boards track what is happening during an incident and work like digital whiteboards. Command boards manage many differently named aspects of an incident based on the needs of the Incident Commander. Command Boards can be created pre-incident for rapid display of hazmat, active shooter, or large storm activity.

Activity Logs

Activity logs capture and save everything added to an incident for operational analysis, debriefing, and accountability. Using COBRA Activity Logs, emergency managers easily track the Who, What, Where, When and Why of the incident.

  • COBRA Activity Logs allow for reporting and audit trails
  • Activity Logs date/time stamp all input activity during an incident
  • Activity Logs encourage and enhance accountability after an incident
  • Historical records are exportable to excel spreadsheets  


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