COBRA Software Enhancing Collaboration and Communication across Emergency Response Agencies Globally

Any emergency responder knows that their work continues even in the absence of an emergency and that the best plans come through refinement. It’s this kind of proactive work that truly decides the victors in a disaster scenario, no matter the situation. Whether it be a hazardous materials spill, a bomb threat, or an active shooter scenario, the plans made yesterday can help mitigate the crises of today.

In the picture above, various Belgian First Responders are depicted viewing the country’s Incident Command Management System (ICMS), a national software system, supported by Dynamis’ COBRA™ technology. The first responders are demonstrating the capabilities of the system for response and collaboration.

COBRA – aside from serving as a tool for responders working in active emergency situations – makes it simple for professionals in the emergency response industry to confer among themselves to determine the best course of action. In the image, we see a map projected onto a smartboard. The man on the right is speaking and gesturing toward this map, signifying its importance as a piece of intelligence. The map – displayed using COBRA mapping software – enhances visualization. The image also shows the collaboration between directors, police, and emergency responders, showing that the tool is more than a hazardous materials identification tool. It is a tool for all emergency professionals, giving them the crucial information they need to save lives and avert tragedy.

The image represents the critical work of people all over the globe who require a program that will supplement the needs of an evolving world that will present unique challenges every single day. The question of what program to use in fulfilling this task is also answered by the same image. COBRA is the premier tool for emergency professionals.